Invited Speakers

   ・Cell biology by using optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR)
    Masahiro Shirakawa (Kyoto University, Japan)

   ・The present and future of triplet-DNP
    Makoto Negoro (Osaka University, Japan)

   ・Towards DNP of macroscopically oriented samples: Biradical molecular tags and instrumentation
    Alex I. Smirnov (North Carolina State University, USA)

   ・Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: new insights into the structure of hybrid and inorganic materials
    Jean-Paul Amoureux (University of Lille, France)

   ・Efficient high field DNP at low temperature and fast MAS
    Gaël De Paëpe (CEA Grenoble, France)

   ・Applications of dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP)-enhanced solid-state NMR in the study of materials science     (tentative)
    Takeshi Kobayashi (U.S. Department of Energy, Ames National Laboratory, USA)

   ・Over-1000 times more sensitive MAS NMR -DNP at 16.4T and 30K-
    Yoh Matsuki (Osaka University, Japan)

   ・Recent applications in solid state dynamic nuclear polarization
    Fabien Aussenac (Bruker BioSpin, France)

   ・Instrumentation development for dynamic nuclear polarization at 263 GHz to 593 GHz
    Melanie Rosay (Bruker BioSpin, USA)

   ・The introduction of DNP-NMR and toward the future developments
    Hironori Kaji (Kyoto University, Japan)

This program is supported by a subsidy from Kyoto Prefecture
and Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau.